Lake Taupo

One of our world’s largest fresh water volcano lakes.

With its spectacular views of Lake Taupo, Wellesley Lodge shares a special connection with the lake and all it has to offer. Wellesley Lodge is a short walk away from its shores, and Lake Taupo is overflowing with recreational possibilities.


Lake Taupo is world renowned as an angler’s paradise. The lake and the rivers that feed into the lake are best known for their abundance in trout.

Lake Taupo offers fabulous fishing opportunities all year round and it’s a great activity to while the time away on a lazy summer day or to spend with family and friends. And at the end of the day, you can return to Wellesley Lodge and fire up the barbecue and enjoy your well-earned catch, dining with views of the magnificent lake.

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Other activities

The fresh water haven that is Lake Taupo provides plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation. Enjoy scenic cruises, water sports, kayaking, sailing, jet boating, rafting, and swimming – or sit back on the patio of Wellesley Lodge and simply take in the stunning view of the lake while sipping your favourite drink.

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